5th October 2022

Potential Benefits of a Remote Workforce

Benefits of a Remote Workforce

The remote workforce has seen explosive growth since the pandemic, and many employees are excited about the opportunity to continue to work from home. While some companies support working from home enthusiastically, others are more hesitant to do so.

Allowing your employees to work remotely as the world returns to normal may seem like too much of a massive, time-consuming undertaking to be worth it. Yet, recent studies have shown how companies who encourage telecommuting are actually saving money. Of course, managing a remote workforce is no small task, but with the right tools in place, it may be easier than you think! And, it may be highly beneficial for your company and your employees.

Remote Work Can Save Money

How does remote work save companies money? Well, if your team works from home, you can expect your organization to save money in at least 4 areas: rent and utilities, cleaning services, food, and taxes. With fewer team members on-site, you won’t need to finance such a large brick-and-mortar which can lower your rent and utility costs. In addition, fewer employees in the workplace can mean less cleaning, so if you currently use a cleaning service, you may see your bill drop if you encourage remote work.

In addition to the cost savings you may see with a smaller building and less cleaning, not having to provide snacks or meals on a regular basis can be a real money-saver. You may also experience a lower tax burden if you are willing to accommodate remote work. You could even reduce payroll costs! Studies have shown employees would rather work from home than take a pay raise if given a choice between the two options. This means you can meet the needs of your staff in a way they appreciate without sacrificing your budget.

Remote Work Can Improve Productivity

The benefits of a remote workforce don’t stop with finances; aside from saving your company money, you can expect increased productivity. Forbes says remote workers are 35-40% more productive than their in-office counterparts. When you consider how this can impact your overall company productivity, especially over the course of a few years, it becomes clear why there are so many companies shifting to remote work.

There are also a number of remote work tools available to help increase productivity even further. Most of us are likely familiar with the big-name tools, such as the various virtual meeting apps, but there are also many more specific, fine-tuned tools available to you. For example, our team offers workshops such as Email Inbox Management and Zoom Meeting Training which can really streamline your team’s remote work process. When paired with the natural productivity increase we see in remote workers, tools such as these can cause your team’s productivity to skyrocket!

Remote Work Can Improve Employee Retention

Many employees today are burning out and leaving their positions, making employee retention a struggle. Research indicates working from home can provide the flexibility many employees desire – and it can encourage them to stay. In fact, 54% of employees would change jobs for one with more flexibility such as working from home. If your company can offer this opportunity to your team members, it may not only motivate them to stay, but it may draw in new employees, as well.

When your staff feels like they can adjust their schedule to fit their lives, they’ll be more invested in your company. This flexibility allows them to work around their personal obligations, which empowers them to be fully engaged in their work when they’re truly available and cuts down on absenteeism in your company. It’s a win-win!

Remote Work Can Lead to Happier Employees

It’s no surprise working from home is such a hit with staff members. The pandemic alerted all of us to the importance of being present in our lives outside of work, and the flexibility of working from home allows more time for this. Remote work leads to happier employees because it leads to less workplace stress and better work-life balance. It can eliminate unnecessary meetings, let people work when they feel most focused, and remove opportunities for microaggression which may occur in the workplace. A happier workforce is a more productive workforce – and research is proving it!

If you are considering switching your team to remote work, even part-time, remember to account for the benefits as much as you account for the concerns. Though it seems intimidating to manage a team who work from home, it can actually save you, your company, and your staff money, time, and stress, which sounds like a good deal for everyone. If you need help making the transition – or even help considering it – feel free to check out the blog for more information, or even look into our coaching program. Our team would love to support you!