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Team building training for a high-performance organization.

Lead a High-Performance, Agile, Engaged Team

Your teams easily adapt to unforeseen circumstances.

Your employees are learning, growing, and bring their full, authentic selves to work in support of your organizational purpose.

Your leaders cultivate a shared vision of success.

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Leverage Work Style Differences for Business Success

A workplace that values and encourages diversity enhances innovation, creativity, strategic thinking, employee engagement, retention, and profitability and productivity.

And there is a type of diversity that your leaders have not considered that may be even more impactful for your team’s performance – work style differences.

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Magnify the Effectiveness of Your Leaders

Help your leaders recognize their true organizational impact, embrace an authentic leadership style, and develop the agile leadership required to lead in a hybrid workplace with our executive coaching programs. 

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Lead a High-Performance, Agile, Engaged Team

Business disruption, market uncertainty, and a hybrid workforce require a new type of leader. 

In our team building training leaders will learn how to

  • Enable effective team collaboration regardless of where the team works – in the office, at home, or a hybrid combination 
  • Identify each team members’ work style
  • Prevent and address conflict on the team
  • Communicate effectively in a remote and hybrid workplace 
  • Be heard and understood by everyone on the team regardless of their communication style
  • Delegate well and hold team members accountable to boost the performance of the team

“We have found Working Simply’s comprehensive, programmatic team building training and coaching approach invaluable for developing and extending these skills in our clinical leaders. Our leaders come away with more than just theories on how to lead – they emerge equipped with a set of practical tools to use day-in and day-out to advance the necessary work at hand.” 

— Geoffrey Rose, MD | President, Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute

Leverage Work Style Differences for Business Success

Leaders know that high-performance teams leverage diversity to achieve long-term business success. These teams are diverse in gender, age, race, cultural background, language, ideologies, sexual orientation, physical and mental abilities, and national origin. 

And there is another type of diversity that may be even more impactful for your team’s performance: variety in work style – or the way they think about, organize, and complete tasks.

When you leverage your employee’s inherent work style strengths, you can lead a team that consistently delivers results.

Leaders who recognize and leverage different work styles have higher employee satisfaction and performance. 

“The insights our team members gained from identifying their work style and the work style of their team members enabled them to adjust their communication style so they could more impactfully and effectively lead their teams. All leaders and managers could benefit from this program.”

— Scott Kagan, VP, Marketing Learning & Development, Synchrony

Magnify the Effectiveness of Your Leaders

Working Simply’s executive coaching helps leaders recognize their organizational impact and develop the authentic, agile leadership required to succeed in the new world of work.

Our executive coaching engagements cultivate the skills leaders need to:

  • Work more effectively with their team
  • Better utilize the “soft skills” necessary to build an engaged and productive workplace
  • Lead with integrity and authenticity, the basis of trust
  • Find greater fulfillment, meaning, and purpose in their work

what to expect

Our three-, six-, and nine-month executive coaching engagements include the following components:

  • 360-degree assessment of your leadership strengths and areas of growth, based on confidential feedback from your chosen colleagues 
  • A feedback review conducted together to interpret the 360-degree results, explore your reflections, and identify areas that need further inquiry
  • Support as you craft your coaching goals and action plan, including specific, measurable steps to assess your progress
  • Two to four hours per month of contact time between you and your coach

“My executive coach helped me see myself as other sees me so I could more effectively leverage my unique leadership strengths, collaborate, and partner with my colleagues, and develop my team. As a result, I now effectively lead a global commercial organization in my company with greater than $1 billion revenue and have a renewed focus on developing a diverse workforce capable of managing a fast, growing business.”

Tina Craft, Chief Commercial Officer, Albemarle

Our Proprietary Business Training Tools

To Ignite and Support Sustainable Behavior Change on Your Team

Productivity Style Assessment®

One-size-fits-all productivity solutions do not work.

The latest app, prioritization tip, or email management strategy will not work if it is not personalized for you and aligned with the way you think and process information.

Participants take the Productivity Style Assessment® to identify their unique Productivity Style.


Concepts and ideas introduce change. Implementation aids and resources ignite transformation.

Participants leverage workbooks, reflection questions, checklists, conversation templates, and quick reference guides to support their learning and development.

Peer Coaching

Participants join a coaching pod with two peers in which each person has a coach and is coached.

It is a community and safe haven for learning where they build a new muscle, one small experiment at a time.

They work with the best guides – their peers who have walked in their shoes.

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