7th September 2021

War for Talent

3.6 million people resigned in May alone and workers in all job categories, from customer-facing service roles to highly professional positions, are actively or passively hunting at roughly the same rate, according to a Gallup analysis. And, according to the US Labor Department, job openings reached a record 10.1 million in June as unfulfilled jobs continue to outpace unemployed workers actively seeking employment.

There is a war raging, and it’s not a talent issue. It’s a workplace issue. 

People don’t quit and look for a new job if they are engaged and fulfilled. If your workforce is disengaged, each new hire is likely to join a dissatisfied, disengaged team and probably won’t stay at your company long.  

To win the war that is ravishing our companies, leaders and employees must co-create a workplace that fuels performance, engagement, and fulfillment. In this organization, leaders are coaches—not bosses—and employees know what they need to be satisfied at work.

Develop your leaders as coaches.

Coaches have meaningful conversations to enable team members to use their strengths and understand why their work matters. Ask your team members:

  • Of all the things you do in your job, which ones do you do the best?
  • If you could change one aspect of your work for the better, what would it be? 
  • How does your work enable the team to achieve its goals?
  • If you did not perform your job, what would be the impact to our team, our customers, and the company?

Coaches set clear goals and create accountability. Involve your team members in setting specific, measurable goals. Cultivate a culture of accountability by agreeing on deadlines, communication cadences and tools, and provide specific, meaningful feedback multiple times a week through check-ins and developmental conversations to ensure goals are achieved.

Empower and equip employees to clarify and own what they need to be engaged at work.

Do your team members know what they need to be engaged at work, what they require to be happier and to find their work meaningful and purposeful?

Ask your team members to identify and own what they need in each of the Five Essentials for Professional Fulfillment – admit, align, develop, cultivate, and design.

  • Admit – How do you want to be recognized and appreciated in exchange for your contributions?
  • Align – What are your strengths and unique skills? How can you align and leverage them to support the accomplishment of the company’s strategic goals?
  • Develop – What skills and knowledge do you want to develop that will motivate and inspire you and help you advance in your career and within the organization?
  • Cultivate – How can you cultivate authentic relationships with the team so you can advance your career and enjoy your work?
  • Design – How can you design your job to find meaning in your work?

To help your employees further pinpoint their engagement needs, start a book club, and read my new book, Own It. Love It. Make it Work., with your team. You can access bulk rate discounts and find my companion workbook and book club discussion guide here.

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Once your employees have clarified what they need to be gratified at work, invite them to participate in a conversation about how to create an equally favorable way to work that supports both of you in achieving your goals.

Work today cannot be a zero-sum game. It’s time to co-create a workplace where everyone thrives. Equip and inspire your employees to clarify and own what they need to be fulfilled, happy, and engaged at work by ordering Own It. Love It. Make It Work. Purchase the bundle to get started here.

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