7th April 2020

Silver Linings in today’s “New Normal” – Simplicity

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This is part two of a three-part series relating to the Silver Linings my community has shared with me during the new “normal” we find ourselves living in. You can read about our “Deeper Connections” theme here. This week, we are focusing on some Silver Linings you’ve previously shared with me relating to simplicity.


Simplicity is not just the clearing of the distractions in our environment and around “all that has to get done.” Simplicity is also the clearing of the pollution within our being. It is fascinating to watch how quickly the earth can return to clearer water and cleaner air. Just look at the canals in Venice with the dolphins and swans returning. Look at pictures of the sky in places like China and South America. The blue is actually visible. When we choose simplicity, it affords us the space and opportunity to clear the pollution that has settled into our thinking and feeling. Thank you for sharing your experiences with simplification along with the peace that it can bring to your life and the lives of those you touch. Take a look and see if any of these relate to you:


  • “Ironically, this time is giving me time so I am more efficient and can re-connect with my networks”
  • “When I go outside I am fully in the 30 minutes that I can be outside. I notice the air on my skin and can actually smell the dew on the grass and hear the sounds of all the different birds as they are waking up. It brings me peace and a knowing that life does and will go on.”
  • “I am surrendering to my desire to control everything. It is a relief.”
  • “I can only take each day moment by moment. It is liberating.”
  • “Because we have to and because there are fewer distractions, I am noticing how creative we are as human beings. Almost everything can be remodeled or reinvented to simpler, more efficient ways of living and working.”
  • “Conducting my own re-set. Re-thinking my beliefs around needs versus wants. What do I/we really need?  It seems to be a lot less than I thought.” 
  • “Opportunities to just be versus do. Love watching my little ones play and the curiosity with which they show up to everything!”
  • “Birthday parties with balloons and cake and loved ones. There is no need for the extravagant. Just a loving, joyful celebration of a life on this planet is enough.”
  • “My calendar is no longer back to back to back meetings.”


What are the pollutants you are carrying that can be released so that your life is simplified and focused on what really matters?  So that you are feeling clear, grounded, healthy and grateful? It is counterintuitive to think that the more simplicity with which we approach our lives, the greater and more efficient are our contributions. Yet, that is where our truth resides. The only way to get to our truth is to re-set to a simpler, more meaningful way of living and leading from the inside-out.


Do any of these “Simplicity” silver linings resonate with you? Do you have a different one? Please share as a comment to this post. Next week, we will focus on those linings relating to “Play.”



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