6th August 2019

The Best Productivity Tools For Your Productivity Style

Productivity tools can be divided into two camps – those that work for you and those that don’t work for you. Wasting your time and energy searching and trying various apps is frustrating and unproductive.

Outlined below are the best productivity tools for your Productivity Style. This is the second article in a two-part series. To read part one and identify your Productivity Style click here.


  • 42goals: It tracks your daily goals and keeps a log of your daily activities.
  • Daytum: It helps you collect, categorize and communicate any and all of your data.
  • Low-tech tools: Use classic low-tech items like a lined legal pad and/or a label maker.


  • Toodledo: Let’s you make custom lists, create structured outlines and view tasks on a calendar.
  • Habit List: A habit forming app that lets you schedule and calendar your tasks and activities.
  • Low-tech tools: Label makers, file folders, filing cabinets, drawer organizers, pen holders and other office organization tools.


  • Focus@will: A neuro-science based music service that helps you focus and retain information when working, studying, writing or reading.
  • stickK: A habit forming tool that focuses on incentives, accountability and community. And, if you’re unsuccessful, stickK lets your friends know.
  • Low-tech tools: Colored markers, colorful file folders, luxurious feeling notebooks and pads and multi-colored post-it notes.


  • Lifetick: A highly visual dream achievement tool where you can create and add to your dream ‘bucket-list’.
  • iThoughtsHD: A digital mind-mapping tool. Imagine a virtual, unlimited white board for your ideas, to-dos and inspirations.
  • Visually vibrant, low tech tools: Multi-colored post it notes, clear file folders, notebooks with unlined pages, pens in a variety of colors, white boards, and baskets, bags and clipboards to keep papers visual while still organized.


The Best Productivity Tools For You

The effectiveness of a productivity tool depends on whether or not it aligns with your Productivity Style. A linear, lined list works well for a Prioritizer. However, it would not work for an Arranger who prefers less structure and more color. A colorful, mind-map of ideas and tasks works well for a Visualizer. However, the lack of structure and organization make a mind-map an impractical tool for a Planner.

There is no one-size-fits- all productivity best tool. Which it is why it is essential to build a personalized productivity toolbox of tools that work for you.

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