17th September 2021

How Time Management Coaching Can Improve Your Productivity

By Carson Tate on September 17, 2021

It’s not unusual for business owners and other professionals to feel pulled in many different directions in a single day. The too-often heard complaint among many is “there just aren’t enough hours in the day.” What’s worse is that many of these individuals wind up taking work home and developing a pattern of working long days that stretch into the evening, leaving them little time for themselves and their families.

Hard work is not usually a problem for business leaders, but successful time management often is. After working days of long hours that stretch into weeks and still feeling like there’s not enough time to do everything, people can become both overwhelmed and disheartened, which can lead to burnout. Effective time management isn’t always at the top of a business leader’s priority list, but it should be. Improved time management strategies such as working with a time management coach can help you streamline your tasks and manage your time in a manner aligned with your goals. When your time management is improved, you’ll notice productivity improvement too.

Here, we’ll explore some vital time management skills to develop and explain how working with a time management coach increases your workplace productivity.

What Is a Time Management Coach?

A time management coach specializes in instructing other professionals on how to improve their time management skills to achieve their goals and, in some cases, to achieve better work-life balance. A time management coach helps people learn how to work smarter so that they’re spinning their wheels less hard and still meeting their productivity goals. Often, this type of coach will help individuals simplify their priorities and streamline their tasks more effectively. The importance of time management is paramount to any business; that’s why working with a coach can help you develop new ways for getting work done without the necessity to take work home routinely.

Lose the Angst and Overload

When you constantly feel overloaded with work, you’re apt to feel overwhelmed and anxious about it. These emotions won’t help you improve your productivity if you don’t have the right strategies to manage your workload effectively. Your time management coach can help you fix your priorities and cut down your to-do list to something you can manage each day. When faced with achievable daily goals, you’ll be less inclined to feel overwhelmed by your workload.

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Busy Work vs. Results-Driven Work

that reflect real productivity. Your business coach can help you learn how to differentiate between important productivity-driving tasks and tasks that keep you busy without providing a significant benefit. Sometimes busy work can be delegated; sometimes, it can be scheduled into a different part of the week. However, by eliminating that state of being perpetually busy, you can focus on your essential work with improved mindfulness.


ime. One of the time management tips your coach will share is planning three work priorities daily. Scheduling too many tasks into each hour of your workday is a surefire way to get backed up. After prioritizing your tasks, you can narrow them down to the most important ones and then schedule those into your time slots. Scheduling is something we all do, but not something we do well. With a few helpful tips and tweaks, you can revamp how you schedule your time for better outcomes in your professional and personal life.

Stop Wasting Time

When you schedule your daily work priorities the day before or at the very start of each day, you can reduce procrastination. Just sticking to your reasonable schedule will help you avoid wasting time. Your time management coach will help you identify where you’re likely losing time in your day. Some of it may be in busywork. Some of it may be because you answer emails throughout the day instead of at a couple of set intervals. By evaluating how you spend all of your time, you can improve your time management skills and achieve greater productivity.

Work-Life Balance

When you manage your time well at work, it will have less of a chance of impeding your time, the time you genuinely need to rejuvenate and enjoy your partner, family, or friends. Your business coach can help you develop goals relative to work-life balance and help you find strategies to achieve them. Work is important and often a central feature of our lives, but sometimes we forget that it’s meant to support our life–not to take it over. With the right time management strategies in place, you won’t have to sacrifice productivity to have a gratifying personal life.

If you’ve been feeling run-down, stressed, and overworked, you can benefit from the help of a time management coach like Carson Tate. Carson can help you develop your time management skills and learn effective strategies that will make a demonstrable difference in your life and productivity. Carson offers time management instruction for business leaders based on her research in this field and business world insight drawn from both her experience and expertise. Stop spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. Carson will help you get your schedule on track to meet your productivity goals without constantly feeling the need for a nap.

Carson Tate is the founder and managing partner of Working Simply, Inc., a business consulting firm that partners with organizations, business leaders and employees to enhance workplace productivity, foster employee engagement, and build personal and professional legacies.

She is the author of Work Simply: Embracing the Power of Your Personal Productivity Style, and just released, Own It. Love It. Make It Work.: How To Make Any Job Your Dream Job. Order your copy HERE! For more information, please visit www.carsontate.com.