8th June 2021

Advantages and Benefits of Using a Life Coach

By Carson Tate on June 8, 2021

Many of us were fortunate to grow up with terrific coaches who supported our development and gave us the guidance and tools to accomplish our goals. The PE coach who inspired us to keep trying, the sports coach who showed us how to improve our game, and all the other coaches who encouraged us to be our best. Why did this have to stop just because we left school and departed from the field or court?

The truth, of course, is that it doesn’t have to stop. As a business professional, we can still benefit from a life coach who works with us to realize our full potential, mitigate our weaknesses, and capitalize on our strengths. An experienced life coach offers personalized coaching for each client, helping them address their challenges, develop goals, and enhance both their personal and professional well-being. If you’re considering working with a certified life, here are some of the advantages and results you can expect from a coaching engagement.

Virtual Coaching

Time is a precious commodity, and it can be difficult to find the time for coaching.  Carson Tate offers virtual coaching which allows clients to meet conveniently with her for their coaching sessions. With virtual coaching you eliminate travel time and can easily fit coaching into your busy schedule. And, with video conferencing clients can still enjoy the gestures, eye contact, and expressions that animate coaching sessions and create those personalized connections that are so important for personal development.

Personal Growth and Development

Personal development is, highly personal, which is why Carson Tate individualizes every coaching engagement. As a certified personal development coach, Carson partners with each client to identify their personal and professional goals, pinpoint strengths, and talents, and design their work for more meaning and purpose. Through personal development, clients can evolve, transform, and unleash their true potential.

New Perspectives

When you meet with Carson for virtual coaching, you’ll find that one of the ways she helps clients make strategic changes in their personal lives or careers is by offering new perspectives. She may take a problem-solving approach and help clients find actionable ways to deal with challenges, or introduce clients to new strategies, techniques, and tools to leverage their strengths, enhance their productivity, communication, or professional fulfillment. Carson is an excellent collaborator, and she partners with her clients to help them view their situations from other perspectives.

Discover Your Work-Life Pace

Many clients meet with Carson to help them find their work-life balance. However, work-life balance is inherently unnatural. It assumes that there is always an equal distribution of time, energy, and focus given to work and personal life. This is not true in our lives today. Carson helps her client discover their own rhythm or pace that enables them to restore, create, grow, and achieve without burnout, without decimating their health, and without neglecting their personal life.

Cultivate Authentic Relationships

One of the most challenging aspects of life is to effectively navigate the ups and downs of business and personal relationships. A life coach can help you cultivate more authentic, rewarding relationships and identify where you may be unconsciously undermining your interactions. Carson helps clients understand and recognize the different work styles of their team members, how to manage and lead a diverse team, and how to communicate to be heard and understood by everyone.

Enhanced Self-Confidence

One of the most gratifying benefits that Carson Tate’s client’s experience is their boost in self-confidence. She helps them recognize their strengths and unique abilities and how to create more opportunities for positive, successful work experiences by asking for feedback. She encourages her clients to feel proud of their progress and acknowledge the impact they have in their professional and personal lives.  When clients feel capable, confident, and valued they have higher self-esteem.

Find Happiness and Fulfillment

We often realize professional success only to discover that we’re not happy, nor fulfilled As a personal development coach, Carson Tate helps clients uncover what truly inspires and motivates them, and how they can do what they love so that it is both personally and fiscally rewarding.

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Carson Tate is the founder and managing partner of Working Simply, Inc., a business consulting firm that partners with organizations, business leaders and employees to enhance workplace productivity, foster employee engagement, and build personal and professional legacies.