9th March 2021

9 Simple Steps to Increase Productivity

Overwhelmed, overstretched, and or just over it? It’s time for simple, yet proven productivity hacks that enable you to accomplish your tasks each day, save you time, ensure you never miss a deadline again, and ultimately exhale.

Of course, improving work productivity doesn’t happen instantly, it’s the result of taking numerous small steps that make a significant impact on how you work.

Here are a nine steps you can take today to increase productivity.

1) Create a To-Do List

Create a to-do list at the end of your workday for the next day so you can boost your productivity. A list is an excellent way to organize each of your tasks by priority. You start your day and focus on your number one task and then systematically work through your to-do list for the rest of the day. As you check tasks off your list, you gain a sense of accomplishment which helps you stay motivated.

2) Reduce Distractions

Trying to eliminate all distractions while working sounds great, however, we all know it is probably not practical. Alleviate the impact of distractions and turn off the new email notification alerts on your computer and phone, minimize or close all applications on your computer not in use you can focus your attention the application you are using, and set a timer when you log onto your social media accounts so you don’t get sucked into the dopamine rush of new posts.

3) Avoid Multitasking

Focus on one task at a time. When you try to do multiple tasks at one time you undermine your productivity, performance, and effectiveness. Numerous studies have shown that focusing on only one task can dramatically save you time.

4) Take a Break and Be Active

You are a human being, not a human doing. Breaks throughout your day are essential for your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. They also improve your work performance and productivity. The most effective break for your brain and body involves physical activity. Go outside and take a quick walk around your neighborhood. When you return, you will have more energy and find it easier to focus on your next task.

5) Take Small Steps

How many projects have been on your to do list so long that if they were in your refrigerator, they would have grown mold? Numerous projects are frequently not completed due to their complexity and size. Break down multipart projects into small, discrete action steps. The project will be more manageable, and you will stop overwhelm before it starts. As you successfully complete each step you stay motivated to finish.

6) Limit Unnecessary Meetings

Too many meetings throughout the week wastes time and energy. Identify the meetings on your calendar that are informational or status updates. Replace these meetings by sending an email or making a quick phone call and watch your work productivity soar.

7) Get Plenty of Sleep

Too many of us yawn through our days. Inadequate sleep negatively impacts your mood and makes it more challenging to stay productive. The number of hours of sleep each person needs is varies, however, sleep researchers suggest between seven to nine hours each night.

8) Use Project Management Software

Get your work tasks completed faster when you invest in project management software. Project management software makes it easy to schedule tasks, coordinate projects with team members, find and save required task related documents, and communicate with your coworkers whether you work from home, the office, or have a hybrid work model and work both at home and in the office.

9) Don’t Be Afraid to Delegate

Your co-workers have skills and experiences that are different from you and compliment your aptitudes and capabilities. Identify the unique strengths of your team members and delegate tasks to them that enable them to showcase their competencies and boost your productivity.

So, what will you do differently today to streamline your workday, complete tasks quicker and increase productivity in the workplace.