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Increase productivity and work simply.

Prevent “death by Zoom” and meeting overload, ease email anxiety, and foster a productive workforce with our productivity training.

Stop Meeting Overload

  • Improve employee wellbeing 
  • Increase productivity
  • Unleash time and energy
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Ease Email Anxiety

  • Reclaim hours each week
  • Leverage email management technology tools
  • Take back control of your inbox
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Work Smarter, In a Hybrid Workplace.

  • Eliminate busyness
  • Reimagine project collaboration
  • Achieve team goals
  • Focus your team’s time, energy, and attention to get work done
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Stop Meeting Overload

Our workdays are packed with back-to-back phone calls, Zoom meetings, and quick “catch-up” huddles. 

This forces our team members to complete their work in the margins of their day—early in the morning or late at night—which impacts their wellbeing, motivation, and can lead to burnout.

It’s time for a Meeting Revolution.

“We had a meeting issue affecting productivity, effectiveness, and employee morale. After implementing the Meeting Revolution program, we eliminated redundant meetings and shortened the average length of our meetings saving 13,000 labor hours. And, since our team members were no longer working every night and weekend, morale improved, and our team’s employee engagement scores went up 25%.” 

– Vice President of Pharmacovigliance, AbbVie

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Ease Email Anxiety

Frustration. Worry. Communication breakdowns. Stalled projects. Wasted time.

These are the symptoms of email mismanagement. 

Here’s the good news: email is your ally. It can be a powerful tool in your workplace for seamless, impactful communication, collaboration, and coordination.

Whether your organization uses Outlook, Gmail, or Apple Mail, you have a full suite of email management tools at your fingertips.

You can transform email into a tool that works for you, not against you, regardless of working style, and achieve these results:

  • Reclaim up to two hours a week 
  • Automate up to 40% of manual email management tasks
  • Eliminate the angst of overlooking or missing an important email

“Our team members were experiencing email overload. We implemented the Tame Your Inbox course and our employees learned how to leverage the technology tools in Outlook to automate and streamline their email management. The session received overwhelmingly positive response and we ‘sold out’ every session. One participant shared ‘I went from 4000 total and 60 unread emails at the beginning of the training to 2300 and 26 unread by the end. Just from applying filters, flagging tasks and setting up rules.’”

– Dana Hennessey, Learning and Development Lead – Kraft Heinz

Work Smarter – In a Hybrid Workplace

A little over a year ago your team members retreated to their “home offices”, honed their Zoom skills, and embraced an athleisure wardrobe – a radical change from pre-pandemic life. 

What comes next isn’t the death of the office, nor will it be a return to the way things were.

The future of work is hybrid; where employees engage in a mixture of in-person and remote work. The office becomes a meeting place for collaboration, connection, and innovation—not a heads down cubical farm.

Hybrid work requires new productivity and collaboration skills, tools, and processes so your company can be agile, profitable, and the best place to work for your team members.

“After implementing the Work Smarter program, our total sales calls per week are up over 20% from the prior year. These additional calls per week should easily translate into $2 million in additional revenue per year.” 

– Chris Pope, VP of Distribution, Process Management and Sales Training, Coca-Cola Consolidated

Our Proprietary Business Training Tools

To Ignite and Support Sustainable Behavior Change on Your Team

Productivity Style Assessment®

One-size-fits-all productivity solutions do not work.

The latest app, prioritization tip, or email management strategy will not work if it is not personalized for you and aligned with the way you think and process information.

Participants take the Productivity Style Assessment® to identify their unique Productivity Style.


Concepts and ideas introduce change. Implementation aids and resources ignite transformation.

Participants leverage workbooks, reflection questions, checklists, conversation templates, and quick reference guides to support their learning and development.

Peer Coaching

Participants join a coaching pod with two peers in which each person has a coach and is coached.

It is a community and safe haven for learning where they build a new muscle, one small experiment at a time.

They work with the best guides – their peers who have walked in their shoes.

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