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Live Fully, Work Simply Membership

Achieve Your Goals. Create The Life Of Your Dreams.

All of the tools, resources and information you will EVER need for accelerating and maintaining your performance in ONE easily-accessible place.


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The Live Fully, Work Simply Program

is designed for high performers who want to optimize their performance, achieve their goals and live a vibrant, fulfilling life.

Between bulging inboxes, overflowing to do lists and calendars that don’t have one unscheduled minute, life can feel overwhelming and out of control.

However, you can move beyond frantic busyness to calm, centered, and engaged living without sacrificing your goals or performance. You can achieve your goals AND create the life of your dreams. You can be present, focused, productive, effective AND enjoy life.

I know how hard it is to conquer your busyness once and for all. But, I also know that when you have the right tools, resources and support, it actually becomes easy achieve your goals. And the joy, happiness and impact you can have in and for the world will blow your mind.

I’ve seen this struggle again and again. So, I created something that will change how you work and live forever:


The Live Fully, Work Simply Membership Program

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And to make your life even easier, I’ve gathered ALL the resources, tools, and information you will EVER need for accelerating and maintaining your performance, accomplishing your goals and creating the life of your dreams in ONE easily-accessible place.

That way, you’ll always know where to go for guidance, without wasting your time looking for that email you thought you saved somewhere, or that video you saw once and now can’t remember where it was.

When you join the Live Fully, Work Simply Membership Program, you’ll be able to access all of my productivity and high performance tools and techniques with one simple click.

If you’ve ever struggled with maintaining new productivity and performance habits, or if you’ve ever wished you could have a personal coach showing you exactly how to achieve your goals then this is the place for you.

Because as part of the Live Fully, Work Simply Membership program, you’ll not only have exclusive access to my best material, you’ll also have direct access to me for all the help you need.



The moment you join you become part of a tribe who spurs you on and supports you on your journey to a richer, more fulfilling, and more meaningful life. 
You’ll meet new people who share your ambitions, read their stories, and personally connect with them so you are supported along your journey.


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With The Live Fully, Work Simply Membership Program You Will Receive:

A Monthly Focus – Each month will focus on a different area of your life, such as:

  • Task management
  • The power of saying no
  • Making technology work for you

Inspiring Quote – Each month’s focus area will be accompanied by an inspirational quote with beautiful art you can download, print and share to help you stay focused and inspired.

New Strategies and Tools – I’ll share new strategies and tools that tie into each month’s focus area so you can progress quickly in that area, optimize your performance, achieve your goals and live your best life.

Monthly Video – Each month includes an exclusive new video in which I offer step-by-step guidance on how to take action on my productivity practices and personal growth tools. You no longer need to figure it out on your own. I’ll help you and lead the way!

Weekly Emails from Me – You’ll get an email from me at the start of each week to help you feel inspired, excited and supported. This will encourage you to stick with your productivity practices and habits week in and week out.

Carson’s Greatest Hits – In addition to all the brand new materials I’ll share, you’ll also receive my collection of my favorite articles from the past to help you live fully and work simply.

A Supportive Community – Connect with like-minded people in a private forum where you can ask and answer questions, share your story, and find tons of inspiration, encouragement, and practical solutions.

Plus, it all comes in ONE place!

You can access the Live Fully, Work Simply Membership portal – with its articles, resources and tools – anytime, from any place using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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“My work with Carson and the strategies she taught me transformed the way I think about my time – not only how I allocate it, but also how I get clear on what I do, how I seek significance, and how my time management impacts both. I am grateful to Carson for becoming, unbeknownst to either of us, my professional and life spirit guide.”

Hyong Yi | Assistant City Manager, Charlotte, North Carolina


There's nothing like the Live Fully, Work Simply membership. Believe Me.

The Live Fully, Work Simply Membership program is the only platform that gives you weekly, monthly, and annual guidance to help you deepen your productivity and performance practices in a way that fits effortlessly into your life, so you can achieve your goals and continue building that big, bold life of your dreams.

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1. Is the Live Fully, Work Simply Membership for me?

If you struggle to stay on track with your productivity strategies and feel overwhelmed, always playing catch up at work and in life, the Live Fully, Work Simply Membership will give you the structure and guidance you need to finally feel in control. If you want a step-by-step process to achieve your goals the Live Fully, Work Simply Membership will give you the tools, techniques and support you need. My monthly guidance and the caring community inside the membership program will provide all the encouragement and support you need to stay on track to accomplish your goals and continue building that big, bold life of your dreams.


2. How is the Live Fully, Work Simply Membership delivered?

Everything is available for you in the Membership portal. Just log in and enjoy access to everything – articles, calls, monthly videos and more.

Once there, you will be able to see everything for the current month AND all the previous months of your membership.

You can access the portal from all of your devices – computer, tablet and smartphone. You can also download the audio training in mp3 format to save and listen to on your devices.

And to make it SUPER easy to stay on track, I will send you an email at the start of each week to support and encourage you.


3. How much of my time will the Live Fully, Work Simply Membership require each month?

That’s up to you!

This isn’t a course or a workshop – there’s no curriculum, no “homework”, and no schedule.

You can watch the videos, read the articles and emails, and connect in the forum whenever you want and as often as you like.

If you’re super busy one week, don’t sweat it. You can’t fall behind. However, when you commit to your productivity habits, you’ll find that time expands. That’s the magic: the more you adopt these productivity strategies, the more time you will actually have to work, learn, and even play. 


4. What if I can’t finish all the content each month?

It will be there waiting for you! You can go back to any video, article, email, or recorded call and watch, read, or listen whenever you want.

In fact, I recommend reviewing the material whenever you can, because the training is so packed with insights, I guarantee you’ll discover new gems each time you go through it!

The Live Fully, Work Simply Membership gives you a flexible structure so you can work through it the way that best fits your schedule and work style.


5. What if I want to cancel my membership?

There is no risk in enrolling. If you decide at any time the Live Fully, Work Simply Membership is not for you, cancel at any time by emailing us at

Cancelling your membership prevents your card from being billed at your next billing date.

You’ll be able to continue to access and benefit from the Membership through the last day of the month in which you cancel.