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We partner with you to understand your business, your culture, and your team to provide custom solutions that propel organizational agility, employee performance, and company profitability.


We will help you engage a hybrid team, drive performance, and future-proof your workforce. Here’s how.

Identify and Eliminate the Causes of Employee Disengagement

  • Poorly defined goals and performance expectations
  • Lack of accountability
  • Fragmented, dysfunctional culture
  • Unclear, infrequent manager communication
  • Reactive vs. strategic leadership
  • Ambiguous professional growth and development opportunities

Empower Your Managers to Lead Agile, Hybrid Teams

  • Develop your managers as both engagers of your people and keepers of your culture
  • Enhance communication effectiveness
  • Reward impact vs. output
  • Connect individual role to organizational goals
  • Cultivate a culture of accountability
  • Enable and equip team members to own their career and their professional development

Build a High-Performance Culture

  • Identify and leverage the unique Productivity Style strengths of your team members
  • Eliminate email overload
  • Address death by Zoom and meeting overwhelm
  • Develop processes that drive efficiency and accountability across the team
  • Eradicate busywork, rework, and work that can be automated

Hear from One of Our Clients

Christi Bryon, Southeast Region President, NFP

“Our work with Working Simply resulted in a department full of positive, engaged employees who had an increased sense of belonging.  By allowing our employees and leaders to create and establish their own culture as a team, using positive psychology, we have amplified creativity and problem solving, established goal-setting strategies, and our employees have formed stronger bonds with mutual accountability for higher work performance.”

Hear from One of Our Clients

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