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Examples of Productivity Challenges We Can Solve For You

Not Achieving Your Sales Targets

Sales Management realized that their sales team members were frantically busy but not very productive. Call volume and sales numbers were down, and unmet goals were piling up.

Unproductive Meeting Culture

The 600-employee division held too many long and unproductive meetings. The overlong meetings forced employees to work on the fringes of the work day—early in the morning, at night, and on weekends impacting productivity, effectiveness and morale. An employee engagement survey confirmed widespread dissatisfaction with work-life balance, citing meetings as the primary contributing factor.

Reactive vs. Strategic Leadership Team

After a few turbulent years due to the recession, middle management leadership and employees were acting with a reactive focus rather than a long-term, strategic focus.

Poor Time Management

Inside Sales Reps were challenged with multiple applications and needed a program to simplify and streamline their workflow to improve time management.

Difficulty Scaling Your Training Programs

A growing global workforce needed alternative training delivery methods to meet the continuing education needs of its team members without impacting client services and delivery. The curriculum had to be customized for the culture, values and the specific learning needs of its workforce. Additionally, the training participants had to be able to receive CPE credit for each training program.

Fragmented Culture and Poorly Defined Goals

Rapid growth, including multiple mergers and acquisitions, led to a fragmented culture and poorly defined goals, undermining team member productivity and negatively impacting the business.  

Hear from One of Our Clients

Christi Bryon, Southeast Region President, NFP

“Our work with Working Simply resulted in a department full of positive, engaged employees who had an increased sense of belonging.  By allowing our employees and leaders to create and establish their own culture as a team, using positive psychology, we have amplified creativity and problem solving, established goal-setting strategies, and our employees have formed stronger bonds with mutual accountability for higher work performance.”

Hear from One of Our Clients

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