18th November 2017

Simply Smarter – November 2017

Each month I share some favorite recent articles with you.

1. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Many of us, either consciously or unconsciously, struggle with the idea of work-life balance. How can we do it all, have it all, and be present for our loved ones? I was fascinated by a recent article from the Harvard Business Review which maintains that our feelings about work-life balance are partially informed by how we saw our parents tackle this very problem. How did your experience growing up affect how you do (or don’t) achieve balance?

2. “The biggest failure I knew.”

The story of J. K. Rowling’s journey from welfare mother to record-shattering author is well-known. What I was surprised to learn, however, were her insights into how feelings of failure can lead to brave self-acceptance. Truly magical. Read the article here.

3. Take ownership of your environmental impact – at work.

Operating a green business is not only good for the planet, but also saves money in the long run. Do Mother Earth a favor and adopt these 7 strategies for making your business more environmentally friendly.

4. A podcast worth your time.

I’ve scoured many productivity podcasts in search of ones that aligns with my work simply message. One that is worth your time: Extreme Productivity from bestselling author Kevin Kruse. In 15-minute segments, he reveals, though insights from over 200 successful people, how to achieve success without sacrificing personal peace.