23rd January 2018

Simply Smarter – January 2018

1. Welcome to 2018

I’m excited for the fresh beginning of a new year!  In this spirit, check out this list of recommended planners that can get your year off to the right start.  There’s something for everyone, no matter your productivity style!  (Speaking of, if you’d like to discover your own unique productivity style, click here.)


2. Simply Teamwork

Want insight into building your best team?  The New York Times business columnist Adam Bryant interviewed some of today’s top leaders and gleaned plenty of wisdom into this challenging and dynamic process.


3. The Power of No

You know, I know, we ALL know that meetings eat up our time and lessen our productivity.  So how can you avoid unnecessary meetings without causing undue collateral damage?  Here are 5 key strategies.


4. Anne Lamott’s “12 Truths”

Few writers make me laugh – and cry – as much as the talented Anne Lamott.  In her TED Talk from last year, Lamott shares her sense of what it means to be human and how crucial it is to engage in what she calls (I love this term) “radical self-care”.