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Lisa Medley

Executive Coach

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About Lisa

"Strong leadership encourages innovation and creativity, inspires confidence and productivity, and stimulates passion and fulfillment in others"

Lisa helps individuals - ranging from high-level executives to middle managers and high potentials - become better stronger leaders who make significant contributions to the growth of their organizations. She believes strong leadership encourages innovation and creativity, inspires confidence and productivity, and stimulates passion and fulfillment in others.

As only one of only 24 people in the United States with an advanced degree in Executive Coaching, her mastery of the coaching process enables high performance and personal growth, career advancement, better decision making, and the successful navigation of organizational change. She also has significant experience helping individuals overcome challenges specific to diverse leaders.

While Lisa specializes in coaching individuals in the financial services, education, and technology industries; her client portfolio includes healthcare, local government, non-profit, and sales.

Lisa Medley_headshot-1

Her coach approach reflects her commitment to helping others become successful in their careers. She integrates three theoretical approaches into her coaching: Strength-based, Solution-focused, and Cognitive Behavioral Coaching which aims to help clients gain a perspective about what's at the root of their challenge. She begins each engagement with listening. She listens to what is said and to what is unsaid to help her clients set goals and a path to achieve them. Through powerful, strategic questions, she helps them reframe their thinking which often leads to new personal insights. Finally, she holds her clients accountable. They set their own path, determine goals for new behaviors or actions, and she holds them to it.

Lisa is Board Certified through the Center for Credentialing and Education and has coached professionals for more than a decade. Her work experience includes 10+ years of leadership or direct management in the financial services industry, organization development, learning and development, increasing employee engagement, facilitating conversations about difference and inclusiveness, and building inclusion in teams.

Lisa obtained a B.A. in English with a concentration in creative and professional writing from Converse College. She earned a Master in Executive Coaching from Queens University of Charlotte and holds a number of graduate-level credit hours in Organization Development.

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