E-Learning Platform

All Working Simply programs utilize our e-learning platform, which offers a secure, privacy-protected online community for social learning which supports the adoption and integration of new tools, strategies and systems. Participants complete program exercises in an exclusive, private and secure group on the site. Program templates, checklists and quick reference guides can easily be downloaded and shared. Participants provide coaching feedback to each other throughout the program and have complete control over who has access to their content. In addition, we offer self-paced courses, live webinars and video e-learning courses. The content is aligned to each thematic solution. Using our standard series as the framework, we have the ability to customize e-learning solutions to meet the needs of your organization. Content could be customized to include logo and branding, revising video content to better align with your organization’s culture and terminology, interviews with your CEO or other senior leaders to reinforce important organizational themes, as well as, discussions and exercises that are specific to your organization’s challenges.

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