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Work Smarter, Not Harder

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As part of Carson’s mission to solve the world’s busyness epidemic, she offers the following keynotes that bring her insight into practice.

They will help your team harness the power of working smarter, not harder giving your team a solid foundation to optimize their performance and achieve their goals.

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Speaking Topics

Work Smarter, Not Harder

This is your time to reclaim your life! 

It’s time – your time – to conquer those feelings of overwhelm. It’s time you vanquished those guilty feelings that lurk when you can’t get more done in a day or answer all of your emails.

The truth is that you’re 100% in control of the solution: figuring what works best for you and how you think and process information. When you start working smarter, not harder, you renew and refresh your relationship with time, your to-do list and your inbox.

Conquering the Busyness Epidemic

It's time to put you back in the driver's seat of your life.

You are powerful.

Today’s busyness epidemic is a powerful, cultural phenomenon. But, you know what’s even more powerful? You and your innate ability to combat this obsession with time management in order to work simply and live fully. You just need the right strategies to help you do so.

Here’s the truth: Our lives are full, and the more engaged and involved we want to be in our work, our families or in our communities, the more people will need our valued time, energy, and attention. And you’ll want to give the right people, the right amount of time, energy, and attention.

Now is the time to prepare yourself and get ahead of the busyness, so you can make a greater impact in and for the world.

It’s time to conquer the busyness epidemic once and for all.

Use proven strategies and tools so you can work simply AND live fully.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Discover your unique Productivity Style.

Learn strategies that are tailored for you.

Just like “one-size-fits-all” t-shirts do not fit all, there is not just one productivity system that really works for everyone. As neuroscience continues to study the diversity in our cognitive thinking preferences, experts agree that productivity increases as individuals adopt smart strategies that support their natural left-brain or right-brain tendencies.

So, what is your unique productivity style? Take the Productivity Style Assessment® to identify your unique Productivity Style and learn strategies that are tailored to support the ways in which you naturally engage in your everyday workflow.

It’s time to figure out what works best for you, so you can start implementing strategies that are customized for you. When you’re working in a way that honors you and your Productivity Style, you’re happier, less-stressed, and more able to make a difference in your world.

Achieving Freedom From Stress

This is your time to stop striving and start thriving.

You’re not alone when you realize that there’s unfinished work waiting for you.

The average American worker has 37 hours of unfinished work on their desk. As nerve-wracking as that feels, freedom from workday stress is absolutely possible and easier to achieve than you ever could have imagined.

By exploring your locus of control and examining how some of the stories you tell yourself are holding you back, you’ll be better able to manage your time, attention, energy, and impact at work.

It’s time you achieved some professional peace, calm, and happiness; and it’s all within your reach.


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