Identify Your Productivity Style

Employee engagement and performance enable organizational agility and success.

Business disruption, market uncertainty, and a hybrid workforce require custom solutions and tools that enable your ongoing profitability, productivity, and market leadership.

How do I engage a hybrid team, drive performance, and future-proof our workforce?

Managers are engagers.

Develop your managers as both engagers of your people and keepers of your culture.

Address remote work  culture breakdowns.

Identify the unique communication, collaboration, and remote team dynamics that undermine productivity, performance, and engagement.


Connect individual role to organizational goals.

Align your team members' roles to organizational goals and hold them accountable for results.

Cultivate a culture of performance and productivity.

Eliminate ambiguous role expectations, poor accountability, busywork, and ineffective collaboration tools and techniques.

A Variety of Solutions to Enable Organizational Agility and Success

Increase your team members’ adaptability and agility, accelerate success, and lead engaged teams so you can future-proof your workforce and achieve your goals.

Identify and Eliminate the Causes of Employee Disengagement

Align team member goals and performance expectations to organizational objectives, enhance accountability, build a cohesive, performance based culture, and ensure clear, consistent manager communication.

Empower Your Managers to Lead Agile, Hybrid Teams

Develop your managers as both engagers of your people and keepers of your culture who reward impact and results, elevate accountability, and equip and empower their team members to own their career and their professional development.

Build a High Performance Culture

Identify and leverage the unique Productivity Style strengths of your team members, eliminate email overload, address "death by Zoom" and meeting overwhelm, develop processes that drive efficiency and accountability across the team and eradicate busywork, rework, and work that can be automated.

Deploy a Women's Leadership Program

Develop and prepare your women to advance in their careers and assume strategic leadership positions throughout your organization.


Proven Results for Your Business



"We have found Working Simply's comprehensive programmatic approach invaluable for developing and extending these skills in our clinical leaders. Our leaders come away with more than just theories on how to lead - they emerge equipped with a set of practical tools to use day-in and day-out to advance the necessary work at hand."

Geoffrey Rose, MD | President, Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute


"The Simply Leadership program really gelled the D.C. team, improved communication and improved productivity. It helped good performers become great, which is what you want to see from a leadership development program."

Amanda Moorhead | VP of HR, Lendlease


“We were fortunate to engage with Carson for an intense and exhilarating Team Lunch and Learn - Work Simply workshop.  The interactive and energized environment that Carson established began with the first hello to the “read my book and stay connected via my Blog” farewell! As a team committed to heightening our focus on professional development and productivity, every team member left this valuable session fulfilled with the promise to align our daily priorities to our Business Partnering roles. The Work Simply success is evident in our 2018 Employee Survey results highlighting the Team members own satisfaction with their office productivity and work / life balance.” 

Bill Huber | CFO, Velux



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