Identify Your Productivity Style

What is your work style?

You cannot outwork your busyness using one-size-fits-all productivity solutions. The latest app, prioritization tip, or e-mail management strategy will not work if it is not personalized for you and how you think.

Discover what is unique about your work style and the way you think and process information so you can create personalized systems to optimize your performance.

Take the assessment to identify your Productivity Style.

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Please select between 1-5 for each question with 1 being Never and 5 being Every Single Day


Question One

I use a prioritized list to complete my work.

Question Two

I complete work quickly.

Question Three

I am often late.

Question Four

I have trouble telling my colleagues no.

Question Five

I plan for the next day.

Question Six

Daydreaming has allowed me to gain insights and solutions for many of my important problems.

Question Seven

In project meetings, I synthesize disparate ideas into a cohesive whole.

Question Eight

I use step-by-step project plans.

Question Nine

I prefer to work on a team or with another person to get my work done.

Question Ten

I use a deadline as a time frame for completion.

Question Eleven

I complete my best work under pressure.

Question Twelve

I block time on my calendar to complete my work.

Question Thirteen

I analyze each project before I start it.

Question Fourteen

I use established routines and systems to complete tasks.

Question Fifteen

When I plan a project, I think first about who needs to be involved.

Question Sixteen

I designate specific time periods for certain tasks.

Question Seventeen

When I plan a project, I think first about how the project supports the strategic vision.

Question Eighteen

I eliminate physical clutter in my office.

Question Nineteen

When I brainstorm, I list my ideas.

Question Twenty

It is hard for me to take time to play when there is still work to do.

Question Twenty-One

When I brainstorm, I sketch or draw my ideas.

Question Twenty-Two

I accurately complete significant amounts of work.

Question Twenty-Three

When I brainstorm, I talk to others about my ideas.

Question Twenty-Four

I tend to underestimate how long it takes to complete tasks and projects.

Question Twenty-Five

When I plan a project, I think first about what is the outcome or desired result.

Question Twenty-Six

I am selective about the tools – pens, paper, folders, etc. – that I use.

Question Twenty-Seven

I complete project tasks in sequential order.

Question Twenty-Eight

When I plan a project, I think first about what is the project goal.

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