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Alexandra Kaval

Executive Trainer & Coach

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About Alexandra

“Courageously Pursue Your Best Life, Both Professionally & Personally.”

Alexandra holds close to ten years of organizational development experience across several industries. Alexandra has worked both as a consultant and in industry, leading talent management, leadership development, and employee engagement efforts. She develops employees (from entry level to executives) through facilitating learning experiences and creating resources to meet business goals. Alexandra is valued for her leadership in successfully implementing and sustaining talent strategies in a constantly evolving workplace.

Alexandra is also a certified coach who empowers her clients to achieve personal and professional transformation. Her clients begin their coaching journey by reflecting inward, and examining whatever it is that holding them back. Then, Alexandra will partner with her clients to create a compelling vision for the future.They’ll practice high level, strategic thinking which will result in greater impact and achievement. They experience a refreshed perspective and focus like never before. After examining the present and creating a plan for the future, Alexandra partners with her clients to create customized strategies so that they can tackle their biggest goals. She provides accountability and encouragement along the way. Through coaching, Alexandra inspires her clients to unlock their potential and experience growth like never before, positively impacting themselves, their team, and organization.

Alexandra earned her MS in HR Development and BA in Psychology from Villanova University, and holds a certification in coaching and change management.

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